Vnelli was a vision for clothing that were never seen before . I made my passion for this vision become a reality. I took a leap of faith, breaking away from jobs that  hindered my purpose from GOD.  I want others to be liberated when wearing Vnelli and to be empowered to go after their own Vnelli's in life.  I want to impact the next generation by showing them that Vnelli is alongside with them believing in them and their visions. The Vnelli  Vision is to inspire people that anything is possible to those that believe. We are all uniquely inspired through the callings on our lives so Vnelli will have a different meaning for each and every person. The goal is to discover your true purpose in life by fulfilling and living out the passions and inspirations that elevate you to being the best version of yourself. Vnelli...The Canvas is yOURS... Let There Be!